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Batman Porno Story: The Batman

Batman Porno Story: The Batman

Disclaimer: This story is not associated with DC Comics or reflect the attitudes or characters of its creators.

Story Codes: Mf, x-mast, grope, mc, oral, spank, unif

The newly formed Justice League of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, J’onn J’onzz and Hawk Girl had much to celebrate after the victory over the alien invaders and the Imperium. Not only had they saved the planet from certain doom, they had created an organization committed to the protection of the Earth and the safety of its citizens. The seven super heroes agreed to work together in saving lives and although their relationship was somewhat rocky at the beginning, each member had something to contribute to the team. Batman’s commitment to the Justice League wasn’t as serious as the other six members, but as a sign of good faith and support, he agreed to work with the other League members whenever the need arose. He even went as far as letting the League move into one of his company’s brand new space stations and call it their new headquarters. Even with the League in full swing, each member had their own duties to attend to, in order to keep their home cities, friends and families safe from evil doers and criminals alike. Superman had Metropolis, Batman had Gotham, Green Lantern was part of the Lantern Corps, and Flash had to deal with the criminals of Central City. Point in case; only days after the successful repulsion of the alien invaders, Batman was back home in Gotham, dealing with the same old villains who had plagued the city for years. In this particular instance; the Joker was up to his old tricks, holding the city at ransom with his latest gaseous concoction.

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