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Batman Porn Story: The Father Chapter 11

Batman Porn Story: The Father Chapter 11

floated there laughing his head off while looking down at them. He
done it, finally went so insane to become powerful, he jumped in a
toxic resolution.

oh yes! The power I feel now, what I will always feel now! He
said. That was right, he would always feel it, but not in the form
he expected.

youre an idiot! Dick said.

thats a way to be friends again. Catwoman said. Dick ignored
her comment and came closer to Dwayne.

I dont know if you know, but you dont look the same. Dont
you realize youre floating and not standing? Dwayne, youre a
mutant! Dwayne looked shocked.

crazy! I look just like I- He gasped as he saw his reflection on
a slick piece of aluminum. What am I? He backed up away from
it. He almost started to cry when he stared at Dick. You, you
did this to me!

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Catwoman is gonna suck them all

Batman Hentai Porn GIF

GIF Animation: Catwoman is gonna suck them all
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