Batman Pornography Story: Lynn’s Story – Chapter Three

Batman Pornography Story: Lynn’s Story – Chapter Three

The Batman: Lynn’s Story

Chapter Three

Lynn landed perfectly on a fire escape. Catwoman was already there.

“Ok, here’s the plan. I’ll clear you a path, and you snag the best stuff you can find. If you see Batman, make a run for it. There is no way you can take him right now.” Catwoman said, her face serious, but her eyes alive with excitment.

“Anything else? ” Lynn asked, all busniness. She didn’t want Catwoman to know she was enjoying this.

“Watch for security lasers and mostion sensors. Your lenses can see lasers though, so just manuvuer around them. Take out motion sensors with these.” Catwoman added, placing a few metal ninja throwing stars in her belt. Lynn nodded, she was good with these.

“Ok, go.” Catwoman said, waiting until a police patrolman vanished around the corner.

Lynn leaped and grabbed onto a streetlamp. She swung down with more grace than a ballerina. Catwoman in the alley next to store. She was placing some sort of explosive on the brick.

There was a little bang, and the brick crumbled away. Catwoman motioned her inside. Lynn nodded and stepped in, carefully. When the dust cleared she saw three cameras and two motion senseors. Soon they were just a mass of sparks with nija stars in them.

She could see lasers crossing the floor, but none on the ceiling. They were also crisscrossing the display cases.

Lynn flexed her fingers twice, and the claws popped out.

“Little help?” Lynn asked into her microphone.

“Tap your heel on the floor and knifes will come out the toe. Use them to climb the ceiling.” Catwomans voice in her ear replied.

Lynn did so, and jumped up. The going was hard, because she had to jam the knives in at an angle in order to keep them from slipping out. She crawled along like a spider until she was over the biggest display case. A huge ruby ring and diamond necklace winked at her.

Lynn pulled one clawed hand out of the ceiling and reached down. She placed all of her claws in and turned, making a circle of glass that she was able to pull out. She reached in with two fingers, avoiding lasers. She plucked the ruby ring out and then the neckace.

She was about to move to the next case when Catowmans voice buzzed in her ear.”Thats good, get out of there. Batman is in the neighborhood, I’ll keep him distacted.”

Lynn’s heart beat faster. Sweat trickled down her nose at the thought of Batman stringing her up to a streetlamp, a present for the police.

She quickly backtracked, slipping the diamonds into her belt. She peeked outside. Catwoman and Batman were no where to be seen. Lynn aimed her right hand to the fire escape and grappled up to it, still looking. She climbed upward, hoping Catwoman would apear.

She reached the top, and heard sounds of fighting.

“Hey Batman, I’m clean. I just came out of a nighttime stroll. See? No diamonds in the pockets.” Catwoman purred.

“And I sopouse that jewelry store just happened to have one of its walls collapse.” Batman said. His voice made Lynn’s blood run cold.

“Yes, now if you’ll excuse me…” Catwoman said, jumping onto the railing.

Lynn peeked over the top, watching as Batman threw a rope with balls on the ends at Catwomans feet. They tangled up and she fell back onto the rooftop.

“If that’s how you want it, fine.” said Catwoman. She kicked off the rope. Then she stood facing Batman, her fists raised. She front handspringed and aimed a kick at Batman’s chest. He stopped it by grabbing her foot and twisting. Catman quickly recovered.

“Lynn, I really need help.” she muttered into her mouthpeice. And then the real fighting began, so many quick kicks and punches Lynn couldn’t keep up. She climbed unnoticted onto the rooftop. Batman had his back to her.

“Hey Bats!” Lynn yelled,and he turned. Catwoman landed a perfect kick to the chest, sending him off the side.

“Go!” Catwoman said, “Split up!”

Lynn looked down over the side, to see a grappling hookshoot up through the darkness. She ran quickly, jumping from rooftop to rooftop. She saw Catwoman head left. Lynn went right.

“Meet me back at the hotel.” Catwoman said into her microphone. “Let’s see what you got.”

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