Batman Pornography Story: batman &ivy

Batman Pornography Story: batman &ivy

he Bat hung from the wall…his head groggy, filled with cobwebs. He attempted to fight through the nausea to do a self assessment. He felt the pain in his shoulders. He was being hung against a wall by his wrists. The familiar weight of his cape and belt were gone. 

He tried to look up, confirming his suspicion that he was bound, but the light in the damp room was dim, preventing him from seeing that his gauntlets were gone and his bare wrists were being held by wire. He ordered his legs to kick forward, to try to free himself, but his muscles would not obey him.

His head rolled forward and he noticed, on a table, his yellow utility belt and the dark folds of his cloak. His two most important tools were just out of reach. A wave of panic washes over him. Few things can make the Dark Knight panic; losing his secret is first and foremost. For the first time, he feels relief. The cowl is still in place. The integrity of the Bat, his most important weapon, remains. 

Batman’s cowl is an impressive tool. Featuring among other things, a built in radio set.

“Oracle,” he whispered, activating a call to his eyes and ears. No answer. “Transmit location.” A built in GPS will relay his location to her. “Eventually one of them will come,” he thought. Until that point though, he was on his own.

“Oracle” he said one more time.

“Praying, are we?” He recognized the voice immediately. 


“Yes it’s me love. I am the one who has finally trapped the Bat.”

He looked up at her. It’s not hard to notice Poison Ivy. Her long, flowing red hair, the green of her costume barely concealing ample breasts and a round ass hide the fact that, despite her demure appearance, she is dangerous.

“Batman, I am going to kill you. I want nothing more than to destroy you. You are the personified male, an animal. I am woman personified. I am Mother Earth. To destroy you would be a victory.”

She turned around giving him a view of her back. “But, I am still a woman.”

She pulled up close to him, her smell was arousing, despite his best efforts to resist.

Her lips pursed and move to his. He jerked his head to the side, a last act of defiance. 

“You’re not in the mood, eh? I can get you in the mood.” She lay her palm flat, blowing gently, allowing a little dust to spray into Batman’s face.

His eyes rolled back, squeezed shut, then opened again.

Ivy was before him again and leaned in for a kiss. It was warm, passionate and quick. Two people who wanted to destroy the other, but at the same time, wanted to become one.

Ivy steps away from him. Making eye contact, she feels a shudder run up her spine. This demon that has pursued her, frightened her, for so many years was hers. And she wanted him now; not to destroy, but to love.

Maintaining eye contact with him, she slowly wiggles out of her costume. Standing there, her green boots the only article of clothing on her, gives her captive a rise that is evident. Her tits are full and round, with large areolas and pert nipples. They are less pink, more red…almost as red as her raven hair. He belly is flat, obviously in the shape that indicates her profession. Her pussy is covered by a thick mound of red hair.

The Bat finds himself staring intently at it. She followed his gaze with her had, running her fingers through it. “I like to let it grow as naturally as I can.”

She leaned into him again, her breasts pressed against his kevlar-woven uniform.

“This will never do” she says. She turns away, her perfect, heart shaped ass leaving him and his longing.

She returns to him, tits bobbing as she walks, carrying a long dagger. She reaches for the collar of his dark grey costume. The knife tears at the cloth, splitting his shirt down the middle, as it splits the black bat symbol in half. Ivy drops the knife and kisses him again, this time the searing heat of her buds penetrating him.

She pulls away from his lips and kisses down his neck. She stops at his nipples, the Bat exhales loudly as she rolls them with her warm, wet tongue.

Her kiss continues, down to his crotch. She rolls the waist of his pants down, exposing a huge, ready cock. It is massive and standing straight, its purple head begging to be taken into a deep, wet place.

She slowly takes him into her mouth, thinking to herself “I am going to suck him dry. I am going to fuck him and then I am going to kill him.”

He moans softly as she works his shaft into her waiting mouth. She lifts up his balls, licking underneath the shaft, sending shivers up his body. She allows him to enter her throat following with her hand.

His body starts to buck against her mouth, his feet hanging a half inch from the ground. She feels the semen welling from with in. She pulls her mouth away, using her saliva to continue jacking him off. She watches in pleasure as his wet cum shoots from his member, fertilizing her tits. She rubs it deep into her skin.

His breathing is still rapid.

“Cut him down.” she says.

Two large men enter the room and cut the Bat’s wrists free. He drops into their arms, his body exhausted from the torment of supporting all his weight and from the exhaustion of ejaculation.

They carry him over to a bed, remove his pants and boots, and lay him flat on his back, only wearing his cowl.

“You may be wondering why you get to wear the mask?” she says to him, as she begins to crawl up his body. “One, you may have booby trapped it. Two, respect. We have been opponents for so long. And three, I think its fucking sexy.”

Her tits were now dangling in his face. She lowers one of them to his eager lips. He sucks in her bud, licking the sweet, throbbing button. The heat form her pussy is evident on his cock as she lay prone on him. It lures it to full erection again.

She pulls her tit from his eager mouth and slowly works up the rest of the distance of his bdy, her cunt leaves a trail of excitement up his body. 

She positions her pussy to his face and offers it to him. It tastes sweet, like nothing before. He attacks it with abandon, sucking her clit, licking the lips and plunging his tongue inside, lapping like a bat licking the nectar from a piece of fruit.

His abandon is driving her mad…she wants to cum. She grabs the long pointed ears of his cowl, holding her steady, her clit directly in the path of her tongue. He laps it ups and she screams, as her legs are spread the pointed ears of the bat protruding from her box. She feels the tension spread form inside her, exploding like a rocket as she cries out, rocking her body against his tongue. They lay motionless, Batman licking his lips clean of the pure sugar that came from Ivy’s pussy.

She regained her composure. The relief she thought she would have felt after cumming was not there. Instead, she faced a more insatiable desire to feel him insider her, to feel his seed within her womb.

She backed down his body, nearly impaling herself on his rock hard manhood. She slid easily at first, her hungry, sopping pussy waiting to be filled. His size was not expected, however, and she had to slow down, for fear of ripping herself in half. 

She began to slide rhythmically, up and down, slowly at first, allowing her vagina to adjust to the size of this monstrous dick. Once she felt comfortable, she began to move faster and faster, the juice form her exciting pussy escaping in spurts. She clawed at his chest as she fucked him, wanting to give him pleasure and injure him at the same time. She dug her nails deep into his chest, and brought her face to within an inch of his, teeth grinding together in the intensity.

The lock in a forced kiss, eyes never blinking, as she pounds herself up and down his shaft…..

In a second the Bat grabs her wrists and rolls her over, flipping her on to her stomach. His reflexes take over, and he has her in a wheelbarrow position. He face is pressed against the bed, and he moves in for rear entry.

He pushes into her hard and fast, building into a crescendo of crashing flesh. He fucks into, pushing her knees into a doggy style position so that his momentum increases, his balls slapping against the front of her box.

“ooooooo!” she squeals, feeling her body unraveling and not seeming to care. Their bodies find their rhythm and she fucks back into him as he plunges deep into her, creating an audible sound of pleasure. The orgasm from him builds deep, as his balls rise up, ready to aim his seed into her insides. Hers wells from within her, as her toes curl. They both cry out as she is filled with hot semen.

He collapses on top of her. A gentle kiss is placed on her cheek and audible click is heard. The Bat is up and Ivy finds herself cuffed to the bed.

“What the hell?” she screams, “Your supposed to be under my control!”

Batman retrieves what’s left of his costume, prepares his grapple gun for an exit and looks at her…”Ivy, I haven’t been in your control for a while.”

The grapple shoots off and the Bat is out the window and into Gotham’s skyline.

Robin is waiting for him.

“How long have you been here, Tim?”

“Oracle called me, so I have been here long enough.”

The usual grim and gritty expression returned to the Batman’s face. “I guess you don’t need the talk, then.”

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